Welcome to Indus Clan

Indusclan’s mission is to revolutionize procurement/supply chain in the industrial supply operations on national and global scale by implementing cutting-edge technological solutions. Thus, contributing to the seamless and smooth operations of vessels, installations and driving new standards of efficiency and transparency.

About Us

Indus Clan was established in Gurgaon as a mechanical contracting and engineering company in 2013. We believe in giving our clients correct and detailed engineering and installation solutions which has helped us in gaining their trust & making them our repeat customers over the years. We have expanded our services to give turnkey solutions to our clients. We named ourselves ‘Indus Clan’ because we strive to give our clients and vendors environmentally ‘Industrial Clan’ engineering solutions for their projects. Our aim is to make the project environmentally friendly right from the design and procurement stage. Led by a team with strong technical expertise & a very well-trained workforce, we provide solutions from concept to commissioning for mechanical projects to our clients.

Our Team

Our team is our biggest asset and is the biggest reason for the rapid growth of ‘Indus Clan’ over the years. We have a group of energetic and excellent professionals working for us from all backgrounds such as technical, designers, engineers, administrative, finance etc. We provide a creative environment for our employees to enable their creative juices to flow and be more innovative in their approach. Our 140+ member strong team is made up of individuals with hands on experience in all functions of the contracting industry.

Our Vision

To establish ‘Indus Clan’ as the most trusted contracting company by ensuring timely completion of projects with utmost safety & the best quality. We set new challenges for ourselves on a daily basis and strive to achieve them.

From Raw Material to Finish Goods

Discover the Diverse Industries We Cater To


Healthcare Sector

Providing essential medical equipment and supplies to healthcare facilities nationwide.


Construction Industry

Supplying tools, machinery, safety gear, and materials for construction projects of all sizes.


Hospitality and Catering

Delivering high-quality kitchen equipment, linens, and supplies to hotels and restaurants.


Manufacturing Sector

Delivering innovative solutions to promote industrial supply chains and meet diverse procurement needs.

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